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Located in Las Vegas, Dr. Matt Welebir, Dr. Amanda Okundaye, Dr. Douglas Rakich are here to offer the best oral surgeon dental services to the local residents. Our goal is to work with you to achieve the best oral health, the most beautiful smile, and the best dental experience possible. Rest assured that you will receive the highest level of treatment in a friendly, comforting environment.

Services Axiom Offers

  • Dental Implants
  • Oral Surgery
  • Convenient Office Hours.
  • Root Canal Therapy
  • Endodontics
  • Services for All Major Insurance Plans

Providing all these oral surgery services and more, Axiom’s expert team of dentists have helped countless people restore and repair their smiles. Upon your visit to Axiom’s dental office, our friendly and knowledgeable team will make sure that you feel at home, reduce any anxiety, and help keep you comfortable during all procedures. We also offer general anesthesia for extensive procedures and younger patients.

Before Your Anesthesia & Oral Surgery
Often times dental work can make most people feel a bit anxious. Luckily for everyone, technology and medical advancements have come a long way. There are now several options to help even the most concerned of patients at ease during their dental procedures. With several options for Anesthesia/sedation you’ll be able to select what you need to make it a comfortable dental experience. With that said, there are some things you need to do to ensure that you are ready for sedation before your procedure.

  • Skip Food and Water
    • Avoid eating or drinking anything within the eight hours that are prior to your appointment time. That includes water.
  • Don’t Smoke
    • Before your appointment is scheduled to begin, you shouldn’t smoke for at least 12 hours. This might not be a popular bit of instruction, but it is an important one to take heed of.
  • Find a Driver
    • Do not operate vehicles or heavy machinery for at least 24 hours after the anesthesia’s effects, which means that you will need to find someone to drive you to and from your appointment.

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